My name is, Ej Domingue Jr, I was born in Lafayette, LA and grew up in the Rayne/Duson area.When I was 12 yrs old, I had a cousin Terri Thompson who inspired me by her black and white landscape photography! I didn't know then, but God had a plan for me! I always dreamed of being a professional photographer and one day in 1983 my dreams came to reality! I took up a course at New York Institute of Photography and started my journey of being a professional photographer like my cousin. I worked hard with my dad, laying tile in swimming pools, to save up to get my photography equipment. I was able to get a film formatted camera. Then the digital cameras came out, but they were very expensive. God had placed some wonderful professional photographers that helped me be the professional I am today! After 23 years of trying to afford new digital equipment, I had turned to God one day and asked Him, "Lord, if this is your will for me to be a professional photographer show me a sign, please". One week later, God answered my prayers and told my friend, three weeks before, I prayed to God, to make a way for me by putting a strong desire on my friends heart to give me $5,000 to buy all new digital photography equipment! Wow! What a wonderful God we serve! Now, by God's grace, He has made me a very successful photographer with over 35+ years of experience and has opened double doors by producing all types of photography work: construction, energy oil & gas, industrial, architectural, commercial, natural lighting, interior design, etc.Throughout the years working with great clients, I have learn to ask detailed questions to make sure I'm capturing exactly what they are wanting.2020 hit America with covid-19! We had to change the way we was doing business and look into doing product photography. I never shot products before, but I knew by the help of the Holy Spirit who is the greatest teacher ever, that He can show me how to be the best product photographer on the market. Now a year later we have done some very cool work that we had accomplished! Praise our Lord Jesus Christ who gives me the strength to do all things through Him.Our number one rule I set in my company, is to honor God in everything I do, and God will take care of the rest!

Matthew 19:26  Jesus looked at them and said, With man this is impossible, but WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.


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