Interior Design & Exterior Architectural Photography

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High-end Architectural Exterior & Interior Design Photography

Depending on the project you have to shoot, requirements will vary.

Some projects can be taken care of in a morning of shooting, without any complicated lighting or editing procedures. Others will take longer and be more involved depending on what your final requirements are.

The number of photographs delivered will also vary. You can expect from three final images to anywhere between 20 and 30. The final product will all depend on the space, location and brief for the shoot as well as the editing process afterwards.

Pricing is structured on actual shoot time (scale of project) and then image licensing afterwards.

Let me know some of the details (type/size of space, where the photos are to be used and any time frames you are working with) and what you are hoping to achieve and we can get going from there.

Once you are happy and ready to go we can get a date in the calendar that works for you and see about getting you some great imagery to display, promote and catalog the space and place that you wish to show the world.

 Why Hire A Professional??

Always remember: Quailty isn't cheap and experience is priceless.
At Domingue's Design Photography we have the knowledge and skill to help your project go as smoothly as possible. There's a lot more to than just "taking pictures". Give me the opportunity to show you why we're worth it.

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Photography Needs:

* exterior & interior design
* website photographs
* brochures/company literature 
* bill board sign
* new construction 
* updating your facility, etc.
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Client Testimony

"Domingue's Design Photography has photographed our hotel and did a fantastic job! We had a professional before him and their pictures did not meet our hotel standard, but EJ did above what we ask. I highly recommend him!"

Janet Paxton
GM Manager
Hilton Hotel

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